Frequently Asked Question 



Q. Is there a car park? 


A. Yes, we have a free car park


Q. Is your farm wheelchair

 and baby stroller accessible?


A. Yes, both wheelchair users and baby stroller users

are able to enjoy the entirety of our farm.


Q. Do you have wheelchair and baby stroller

rental service?


A. No, we don’t have.


Q. Is there a time-limit for picking



 A. Yes, you can enjoy picking strawberries

within 30 minutes.


Q. How can I book pick-your-own(PYO) blueberries?

 A. You can book PYO from booking websites called

Jaran and Gurutabi.


Q. Can I buy some drinks or snacks?


A. We only sell drinks (mineral water, green tea, blueberry juice, blueberry fizzy drink).


Q. Can I bring some foods in the farm?


A. Any drinks is available. Also, you can bring some snacks but seats are limited.


Q. Can I get blueberries to go after pick-your-own blueberries?


A. Yes, you can. We charge per 100g 200yen. (Normally we charge per 100g 300yen)


*If you want to bring blueberries to your home country, please check custom restrictions.  Because, in some countries, fruits and seeds are not allowed to neither import nor export.


 Q. Are there any toilets?


A. Yes, toilets are only in 2nd farm (Strawberry farm). 2nd farm is 6 min away from 1st farm (blueberry farm) by foot. Please let us know if you need the toilet, we can take you to the 2nd farm by car.


Q.Is there anyone can speak English?


A. Yes, English speaker works on every Wed and Fri.